tagItron®GmbH has been developing and producing HF and UHF based RFID systems for the identification, localisation and authentication of objects and persons at 3 production locations for over 25 years.


The company’s performance spectrum consists of services and products for complete RFID solutions from a single source. The focus is on specialised RFID solutions that are safe to be used in processes conducted in challenging environments such as, for example, metal and liquid or high temperatures. The development and coordination of individual RFID components among each other in the company’s own competence centre equally represents a fundamental aspect of our work, like the support provided for the planning and the analysis of the RFID systems. The equipment used in the competence centre includes the most modern absorber measuring stations, as well as diverse RFID gates and handling equipment for testing time- and speed-dependent applications.

Innovation is more than just a physical phenomenon for us.

tagItron GmbH

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