Industrial Solutions

Irrespective of how big your objects are, and how much precision you want to record them with – tagItron will provide you with the suitable control functions and control solutions for highly innovative machine and production concepts.

Industrial Solutions

Under the motto “Making ideas a reality together”, we work together with industrial partners to develop realistic solutions that go on to be marketed successfully. When qualified experts for transport technologies and specialists for system integration sit down at a table together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, this doesn’t just benefit those directly involved, but also the end consumer. The end consumer receives innovative solutions that meet their needs in terms of quality, functionality and comfort. Ideas grow and generate growth. Under the motto “Growing Ideas”, tagItron presents the very latest innovative results. Highly flexible production lines and specially developed variant management ensure optimum adaptation to the customer’s production and further-processing processes. tagItron divides its production portfolio into four business groups, they supply both the original equipment and retrofit markets.

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