E-KanBan Industry

tagItron E-KanBan RFID readers connect the flows of material and information in order to bring efficiency and transparency into business processes. The essential impulses in design are today being driven by technology.

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E-KanBan Industry

The challenge is to eliminate to the greatest extent possible the mistakes caused by human error, and the associated correction processes, which result in high costs and require time and effort to remedy, and to increase the level of automation, as well as the flow of information. This increase in efficiency, among other things, should make the distribution logistics, as well as the production logistics more transparent. The advantages offered by the tagItron RFID e-KanBan system are, in addition to a continuous system solution with different RFID interfaces, fast and simple order triggering as well as time savings, inventory security, high flexibility and process security, fast and simple installation, flexible controlling and the highest levels of transparency, M2M communication as well as an economic empties management. In a current analysis of the status of development of e-KanBan systems, electronic systems, here with UHF-transponder technology, scored well compared with manual systems. In the case of the electronic variants, up to 50% of the costs involved in reading and ordering, as well as for personnel can be saved.

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